Dec 192011

The goal was to set up a simple syslog server for centralized logging, able to receive from any syslog-enabled device, but also able to talk to machines with more advanced capabilities, like logging over TCP/IP so messages wouldn’t be lost if connection dropped for a while or sending messages over encrypted channels. Of course, it should also be able to send those messages to any file based on sender, time, or any other arbitrary condition. rSyslog fits nicely. As a bonus it also sends them to a database to be picked up by log analyzers. syslog-ng is the alternative.
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Dec 022011
Planescape:Torment modded to 1280x720

Planescape:Torment. Considered THE role-playing game by many. There’s no homepage anymore, so here’s the wikipedia page. Well worth playing if you like reading stories, it’s like an interactive book, one of the best of it’s kind. Not so much if you’re into bashing high-poly skulls. But this isn’t a review.

The goal was to play it on Linux as it was intended to be played, full screen, without it crashing on alt+tab and such, while doing as little setup as possible. It works in Wine with some tweaks, but keep an eye on GemRB, the open-source implementation of Bioware’s Infinity Engine. Given the changing nature of Wine and Linux, this is WorksForMe quality, your millage might vary.

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