Apr 072013
  • If you have:
  • % VBoxManage  list extpacks
    Extension Packs: 1
    Pack no. 0: VNC
    Version: 4.2.6_OSE
    Revision: 82870
    Description: VNC plugin module
    VRDE Module: VBoxVNC
    Usable: true
    Why unusable:

  • Then you most likely don’t need:
  • % VBoxManage setproperty vrdeextpack VNC

  • Just set per virtual machine settings:
  • % VBoxManage modifyvm test --vrdeproperty VNCPassword=somepass
    % VBoxManage modifyvm test --vrdeauthlibrary null
    % VBoxManage modifyvm test --vrdeport 1501
    % VBoxHeadless -s test &

  • Set vrdeextpack to VNC only if you have other extention packs installed.
  • Apr 022013

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