Sep 192014

Had a situation at $WORK where network connections were just hanging there, open, with no activity. So I needed to send something, whatever, on the open connection, just to see how it behaves.

TL;DR: attach to the process using the debugger, gdb(1), then call send(2) on the network socket
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Sep 152014

In order to take advantage of shared clipboard, seamless integration and drag&drop features of VirtualBox two things are needed. First, the guest additions need to be installed, pretty straight-forward in most distributions. Second, VBoxClient needs to be started. This depends on desktop environment and distribution, some start it from the get-go, others don’t. If it’s started, it should show in the list of processes. If it isn’t, there’s a script that starts and enables all features, it’s called VBoxClient-all. Just add that one to the startup list of the DE.